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Product and business development should go hand-in-hand; but these disciplines often exist in silos with distinct cultures, indifferent to each other’s success. Poor sales discipline and technique contributes directly to software development and implementation misses. Proper understanding of product functionality and conveyance of end-user requirements by business development team members should be supported by leadership. However, the pressure of meeting revenue objectives usually supersedes this practice and exposes the organization to risk.

Messaging (that positions a company in the market and sets client expectations) is often created by individuals who have never spent time selling or building the product. This has the potential to dilute message effectiveness and undermine the perception of your product’s abilities by its targeted audience. Similarly, revenue and product objectives conceived by isolated financial management resources can encourage unintended business practices that undermine organizational success.

With interdisciplinary experience in sales, market strategy and product development, we help you build symmetry and foster accountability within your organization. This leads to greater organizational fidelity and client stewardship.

Product Management:

  • Market Position Assessments
  • Market Demand vs Design Analysis
  • Product Functionality & Completion Analysis
  • Market User End User Analysis
  • Support Design & Planning
  • Product Design & Specification Creation
  • Developer Knowledge Transfer
  • Product Functionality Evaluation
  • User Experience Design & Testing
  • Product Strategy & Lifecycle Planning
  • Customization & Configuration Design
  • End User Help & Product Guides

Market Strategy :

  • Market Needs Analysis
  • Market Campaign Design & Execution
  • Product Messaging & Sales Material Creation
  • Competitive Research
  • Market Position Evaluation & Strategy
  • Pricing Model Design & Revenue Optimization
  • Website Content Creation
  • Product Buyer Analysis & Lead Development
  • Lost Deal Evaluation
  • Consultant Communications Management
  • Third Party Product Evaluation Interpretation
  • Trade Show & User Conference Optimization

Sales Team Development:

  • Internal Sales Force Evaluation & Training
  • Presentation & Pitch Development
  • Demonstration Database Design & Creation
  • Proposal Response Planning & Design
  • Territory Assessment, Alignment & Design
  • Sales Process Evaluation & Design
  • Sales Navigation & Tactics
  • Competitive Strategies
  • Competitor Sales Team Evaluation
  • Market Feedback Communication
  • Trade Show Planning & Strategies
  • CRM Optimization & Reporting

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